Monday, August 31, 2015


There in solitude lay your words

Talking to each other, like a link in a chain

Yet so different, each with a story of its own

I heard each story, and then heard the story of each word in the story

The word "I" spoke of you, the "you" spoke about a Magic Land.
The "we" spoke about me, and "me" well it just smiled as it spoke to you.

Everything again seemed to make a Li'l more sense,
everything again somehow seemed a little brighter today.

Everything seemed like the gold at the end of a rainbow,
I again saw beauty in the castle made of sand.

Everything again seemed to help me unwind,
to be found and then lose again in your Magic Land.

Friday, August 14, 2015


Life as it seems, like a blank canvas at times...
With every new person filling in their colors...

But who am I...just an extension of You, and You, and You!!! 

Friday, August 07, 2015


Do you ever get that feeling that there is someone else living inside your head?
Someone so different from how you imagined yourself to be, that honestly you probably feel that you don't know yourself at all.

I live with that feeling almost everyday nowadays. If I ever to meet myself as a stranger, I would probably fail to recognize myself.

My sense of achievement seems to have been taken away...
My arrogance...ha!! whom am I kidding...the narcissist was tortured to death
My self just seems to vanish away with every word I share
I lose people and friends faster than I make new ones.
I can't talk anymore, can't hold a conversation for more than 5 mins.
I don't just bore people...I bore myself.

I stare at blank walls, and the tears don't stop rolling...and I don't even know why
I look back 5 years...and I miss myself.

My doc says I am suffering from borderline depression...I am not surprised.