Monday, August 31, 2015


There in solitude lay your words

Talking to each other, like a link in a chain

Yet so different, each with a story of its own

I heard each story, and then heard the story of each word in the story

The word "I" spoke of you, the "you" spoke about a Magic Land.
The "we" spoke about me, and "me" well it just smiled as it spoke to you.

Everything again seemed to make a Li'l more sense,
everything again somehow seemed a little brighter today.

Everything seemed like the gold at the end of a rainbow,
I again saw beauty in the castle made of sand.

Everything again seemed to help me unwind,
to be found and then lose again in your Magic Land.


  1. Replies
    1. The inspiration is beautiful :)

    2. I may be completely wrong. but in case what I interpret linking the words is true, i guess this is what the muse would want to smile and say- ITS IN THE EYES THAT CAN FIND AND HAVE FOUND BEAUTY. THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL TOO."

  2. Like I said's beautiful :)

    1. Like I said's all about how beautiful the Muse is :)

  3. This one made me smile.. u r right.. the blog is the private haven. And we all deserve one.

  4. The magic land, the fantasy land....................................a beautiful place to be lost with that special person.