Tuesday, June 09, 2015


You know that concept...Adapt to Survive and all that jazz. I think it was not only for life, it was for living as well.

Okay let me explain...does doing the same things over and over make us happy? No right...so we adapt our happiness. We change the things which make us happy...

...We adapt so our happiness survives

We do it unknowingly...we change our food habits, we change our movie choices, we change the kind of music we listen to...we even change the person we Love!!

Don't judge me by that last sentence...well okay judge me if you want to, but it's true.

How else do you explain falling out of love?
Or doing things which you might not like so much but your significant other does?
Making him or her happy is also linked to our happiness right?
So we are adapting so our Happiness survives ironically by doing things we don't like...

...I don't even know why am I writing this...maybe I just wanna hear what others have to say about this. So go on...comment...I would love to read your thoughts on this


  1. Well, adaptation should be more intrinsic. If you really feel it will help you be happy, go ahead and adapt. However, making others (even those we love) adapt is not exactly fair.
    They should want to do so themselves.

    1. It's a natural process... U adapt even without knowing it, coz what we actually look for is happiness and probably not the path we take for it

  2. Indeed. We adapt, and sometimes, without even realizing it. And perhaps, it is not we who change the people we love, but they who adapt to the change they see in us?

    1. isn't it?? It's like you compromise with whats around you to find Happiness...or maybe I am confusing it with Peace of Mind...but then thats Happiness too

  3. i don't know. i'm just reminded of a hindi song..
    jaise ki din se ryan alag hai
    sukh hai alag aur chain alag hai
    chain toh hai apna,, sukh hain paraye...

    1. The last line of what you wrote captures it perfectly. Exactly what I wanted to say. Thanks

  4. Hmmm, brace yourself.

    It is important to adapt to situations and people. Within a marriage, a relationship or elsewhere. But it is the degree of adaptation that matters. You cannot lose yourself trying to adapt to something. A line has to be drawn, always.

    Change is inevitable. Yes, we do change the things we like and the people we love. But that is how it works, isn't it? Things we once loved become the things we don't like anymore. Even to hate anything, it is important to have loved it once.

    Survival continues and so does adaptation. If you are lucky, you will not realize it.